Municipal Committee Dina


Dina (Urdu: دینہ) is a rapidly expanding commercial town in the Jhelum District of the province of PunjabPakistan. It is about 10 miles (16 km) northwest of Jhelum City, where there is a junction with the road to the Mangla Dam and Rohtas Fort. The historic Grand Trunk Road passes through the centre of the town. A small industry exists in the city including wood industry, iron industry and marble industry outside from the city. The main source of income of residents of city is foreign income. As a large number of citizens of city are settled in abroad. It is estimated that about 60 percent of people are in foreign countries. Second main source of income is jobs in Pakistan Military. The source of income in surrounding villages is agriculture.

In 1977, a municipal committee was established at Dina, but the town's status was changed to an administrative subdivision or tehsil of Jhelum District. The town is divided into 2 Wards, UC 23 and UC 24. The town is located at 331'60N 7335'60E and has an altitude of 275 metres (905 ft).


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